Rob Papen’s Techno Synth Construction Yard Sound ROM


Rob Papen and E-MU introduce the 32MB Techno Synth Construction Yard expansion ROM, a compilation of synth, techno, and ambient sounds from one of Europe’s finest programmers.  From atmospheric pads to punchy sub-basses and crunchy drums, these sounds will help you tear up the dance floor.  (1999 E-MU)

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If you are curious about the sound set, please listen to the Youtube demos here:
TCSY Bank 0 Preset Demo (Orbit-3)
TCSY Bank 1 Preset Demo (Orbit-3)
TCSY Bank 2 Preset Demo (Orbit-3)
TCSY Bank 3 Preset Demo (Orbit-3)
Artist Bio: Rob Papen

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